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I strongly recommend Demet as an immigration attorney. I worked with her during my green card application, and received my card exceptionally fast. I had recommended her to 3 of my friends; two of them  received their cards, and the other one is already approved. 

Demet is incredibly knowledgeable of the application process and very diligent in documentation. She is a true professional, yet very approachable.  

Even though I worked with her a few years ago, I continue to consult with her regarding changing regulations and refer my friends to her.
— Rezzan K., San Francisco, CA

My friend recommended Demet to me for O1 visa application, and thanks to her, I got approved and able to work in the US for 3 years (in only 10 days I got it).

Demet is really reliable and expert in immigrant laws (sometimes even give me corporate law suggestions to my small firm), I really appreciate her nice personality and all the professional service. She will give you detailed instructions and make plans together with you in advance. For example, we’re now making plans for my EB-1 application in the next year. Although we’re not there yet, I’m now very clear what should I prepare and where should I put efforts on in the next few months. 
I’ve recommended her to lots of my friends, and I’ll continue working with her for my EB-1 and my employee’s H1B application.

I came to her via a recommendation of a friend who also had her papers successfully done with her (twice) and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.
— Muso F., Manhattan NY

Both my husband and I got our H1B approved thanks to Demet. She is extremely kind and she is always willing to help. I have contacted her on other occasions for questions I had (after my h1b was approved) and she kindly responded not charging me a penny. I have recommended the firm to all my friends and I believe everyone has been happy with her. 

Thank you for everything Demet, if I need help from a lawyer in the future I will surely contact you!
— Sara D., New York, NY

Demet Gots and her firm Gots Law Firm is one of the best attorneys I’ve worked with in NYC regarding my Visa. And I’ve tried a few, some awfully bad and some ridiculously expensive.

With Gots Law Firm I get what I pay for and more. A personalized attention and answers to my questions directly from the attorney. And not some assistant that doesn’t have a clue or simply doesn’t care. 

The first time working together we got and RFE because my Sponsor presented an incomplete contract, but she solved it right away and got it approved within a reasonable time. The second time, it was so smooth and easy that I got it approved almost at the same time my old Visa had expired.

This process is always stressful, but Demet works diligently and explains everything step by step so I feel confident. I know I’m in good hands. And that’s why I recommend her to all my friends.
— Sebastian G., Los Angeles, C.A.

I have been working with Demet for the past 5 years, and she has been amazing. They gave me my E2 visa thanks to her and they gave 2 of my other friends their 02 visa, all at the same time.

She has 12 years of experience working with Immigration and knows the law inside out. What I like more about her is her integrity and her full commitment to her clients. She will always be trustful and help you, and is 100% reliable.  I have recommended her with blind faith to many friends and people that I met in the need of immigration advice. I always tell my contacts, you can trust her 100%, and they all call me back thanking me. 

Not only this, throughout these years I have emailed her asking her many questions about procedures, about the contracts for my employees and she always is there to help, even though she is so busy. I have to renew my visa next year and I am of course doing it with her and I’m looking forward to working together again!
— Michelle R., New York, NY

When I first approached Demet Gots with a request of info on options, process and fees, for me to come to the US, her first reply included not only detailed fees and an overall study of options, but also a sketch of her suggestion, based on info she had sourced on me; She had done her homework and started working even before the oficial hiring of her services. A few phone calls and emails with proper documentation, and 4 months later I was getting my approval on the mail and my passport stamped at the Embassy.

She was clear and detailed in directions and documentation to gather, extremely thoughtful and diligent on the preparation and sending of paperwork. Extremely resourceful and knowledgable.

Now, these processes require time and planning, so if you wait to the last moment to contact her (and she’s busy doing work for other clients, as it’s natural), you might miss your deadlines; just prepare your things in advance and you should be fine.

I came to her via a recommendation of a friend who also had her papers successfully done with her (twice) and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.
— Miguel L., San Francisco, CA